How to Record Your Voice for an Alarm Clock on the Android

by Steve McDonnell
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If you'd like to awaken to your own voice speaking words of encouragement for the coming day or if you need to awaken to your own voice at a high volume instructing you to get out of bed immediately, you can do it with the alarm clock on your Android phone. Simply record your voice to an audio file and select the file as the alarm tone that plays with the Android alarm clock. You need to install two applications to accomplish this: one to record your voice and another to select the audio file.

Installing Apps

Step 1

Tap "Play Store" on your Android phone to launch the Google Play Store. Tap the "Search" icon, tap inside the "Search Google...." box, type "file explorer" (without quotes) and tap the "Search" icon again to display a list of apps.

Step 2

Select a file manager app to install by tapping either "ES File Explorer File Manager," "ASTRO File Manager/Browser" or "OI File Manager" in the list of search results. Tap "Install," review the required permissions and tap "Accept & Download" to install the app.

Step 3

Tap the "Search" icon again in the Google Play Store, tap inside the "Search Google...." box, type "voice recorder" and tap the "Search" icon again to display a list of apps.

Select an app from the search result list, such as Easy Voice Recorder, Voice Recorder or AL Voice Recorder. Tap the name of the app, tap "Install," review the permissions required and tap "Accept & Download" to install the app. Select "Open" after the app installs.

Recording and Setting Audio

Step 1

Tap the "Record" button in the voice recording application and speak the audio you want the alarm clock to play. Tap the "Stop" button when done. Select the "Menu" key or use the onscreen options to save the file to your phone. Make a note of the name and location of the file you created.

Step 2

Tap the "Applications" button on your phone and select "Alarm/Clock" to launch the alarm clock. Select "New alarm" to create a new alarm.

Step 3

Use the toggle wheels to select the time for the alarm to sound, then select the days of the week for which you want the alarm to repeat. Select the arrow next to "Snooze Duration" and select the length of time you want the alarm to play. Tap the "Vibration" box if you also want the phone to vibrate when it sounds the alarm.

Step 4

Tap the arrow button labeled "Alarm Tone" and select the name of the file browser app you installed at the prompt, for example "ES File Explorer." Locate your voice recording file using the file explorer and tap it to select it.

Tap "Save" to save the alarm that uses your voice for the alarm clock sound.

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