How to Record a VOD Streaming Video

by Alexander Rudinski
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As the Internet has evolved, users have grown used to being able to capture content to their hard drives for sharing and later viewing. For the most part, this is possible. However, certain types of media evade capture, such as streaming, on-demand video, called VOD, for Video on Demand. This content cannot be captured from the Web browser, but rather must be recorded using separate software used to create a screencast, or a video of what is happening onscreen.

Step 1

Download and install software that will allow you to make video screen captures. Software like this is usually marketed for the creation of screencasts used in video tutorials that show users how to complete tasks with video of the process happening onscreen. Popular software for Windows includes CamStudio and Easy Screen Capture Video (see Resources). For OS X, Screenium is the most popular program.

Step 2

Navigate to the site that contains the video you want to capture but do not start playing it yet.

Step 3

Open the video capture program that you will be using.

Step 4

Begin recording with the video capture program. Make sure that the software is capturing the entire frame of the video.

Play the video that you wish to capture. The screen capture program will record a video of the content playing on screen. Stop the video and save the file to your desktop. Use a video editing program to edit the file and save it in any number of video formats.


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