How to Record Vocals on a Laptop

By Rochelle Connery

Use your laptop to record vocals.
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You can turn your laptop into a miniature recording studio using audio software and a microphone. Sometimes you can use a microphone accessory with a jack that plugs into the microphone port on your laptop, and other times you can use USB headsets with a small boom microphone attached to the headphones. Some are better for singing vocals, and others are more suited to speaking vocals. Either way, your laptop can record and store these recordings using your vocal software.

Plug the microphone into the microphone jack or USB port of your laptop.

Make sure the software recognizes the microphone input. To test, navigate to your Start menu and select "Accessories -> Entertainment -> Sound Recorder" or just "Accessories -> Sound Recorder" depending on your operating system. Turn the microphone on if it has an on/off switch and press the "Start Recording" button on the left side of the sound recorder to test your voice. If you see the audio bars moving in the window, you know your microphone is live.

Open the vocal recording software on your computer. If you do not already own this software, download and install the spyware-free software listed in the resource box that is free of charge.

Add a new audio track in the recording software. Press the "record" button to start recording your vocals.

Press pause or stop to end the vocal recording. Use the available tools to edit your recording and save or export it into a usable file type, such as WAV or MP3.