How to Record One VCR Off Another VCR

By Chris Moore

If you have two VCRs available, you can connect them together and record from one VCR to another, creating a second copy of any video cassette you have. All you need to know is how to properly connect the "IN" and "OUT" ports on each machine and know which route the signal is taking from one recorder to the next. All you need after that is the video you want to copy and a free cassette to record it onto.

Attach a coaxial cable to the "OUT" port on one VCR. This will be the playing VCR. Connect the other cable end to the "IN" port on the second VCR. This is the recording VCR.

Connect the recording VCR's "OUT" port to a TV set if you want to watch what you are recording. If the TV is connected to cable, attach the cable input to the playing VCR's "IN" port. The VCRs can play and record without these connections.

Plug in both VCRs. Make sure both are set to the same channel. The line out channel (L-1) works best.

Insert the tape you want to record off of into the playing VCR. Insert a blank cassette (or one you don't mind recording over) into the recording VCR.

Push the "Play" button on the playing VCR to start playing the original tape. Press "Record" (or "Record" and "Play" together if necessary) on the recording VCR, and it should record a copy of the original cassette as it plays.

Use the "Pause" button on the recording VCR to temporarily halt the recording. (If you press "Pause" on the playing VCR, you will record a paused image.) Hit "Stop" on the recording VCR when you are finished, then stop the playing VCR. If you stop the playing VCR first, you will begin recording whatever is currently on the TV.

Rewind the second cassette after it finishes recording and play it to confirm your recorded copy came out right. The tape will play on the TV while still in the recording VCR.