How to Record From USB Audio

by James Clark

USB ports are common on almost all modern audio devices, from computers and personal digital assistants to MP3 players and digital recorders. USB ports provide a fast, simple connection with a single cable between two audio devices. Once hooked up, audio on one device can be recorded to another. The set up takes only seconds.

Step 1

Plug one end of the USB cable into the audio device with stored digital content.

Step 2

Connect the other end of the USB cable directly to the recording device if it has a USB port. If not, connect the end of the cable to a USB adapter with 3.5 mm mini-plug jacks on the other end.

Step 3

Insert the mini-plug on the other end of the audio cable into the recording device. Use the 3.5mm microphone jack on the device or any jack labeled Line IN.

Step 4

Start playback on the USB audio device.

Press the "Record" button on the recording device.


  • Turn off the devices while connecting them with the audio cable.


  • Recording audio to a computer, or offloading a digital recorder's contents to computer with a CD burner, allows the user to burn the recording to a disc or edit and upload files to a portable audio player such as an iPod or MP3.


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