How to record a show with AT&T Uverse

By Mario Calhoun

AT&T U-verse combines a cable box for high-quality television with a recording device to provide a customized television-watching experience. The U-verse receiver allows you to program the device to record your favorite television shows, which can then be viewed at a later date. Recorded shows are stored on the receiver's hard drive, which enables 37 hours of high-definition shows or 133 hours of standard-definition shows.

Step 1

Press "Guide" on the AT&T U-verse remote, and press the up or down arrows on the remote's directional pad to navigate show listings.

Step 2

Leave the tab on the highlighted show you want to record, and press "Record" to record a single episode of the show, or press "Record" twice to record the show at the same time and day every week.

Step 3

Push "Exit to Live TV" to return to your previously viewed channel.

Press "Recorded TV" to view a list of shows scheduled for recording. Press "Play" to begin watching the recorded show.