How to Record an Audio Message & Send It to Any Mobile or Landline Phone

By Amanda Harrell

You can send recorded messages to landlines or cell phones.
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You have options when it comes to recording audio messages and sending them to any mobile or landline telephone. You can record and send messages as pranks or you can send serious messages. How you go about it depends on the purpose. Prank-call websites will allow you to record messages or download messages to send to someone's phone. You can also send a recorded message to someone in the event that you want to deliver information but do not wish to talk.

Non-Prank Messages

Dial your voicemail on your home phone or cell phone.

Interrupt the recording and press the "#" key and enter your password using the keypad.

Select the option which allows you to record a message.

Record and review your voicemail message that you want to send.

Choose the option to send the message.

Enter the phone number of the intended recipient and follow the prompt to have it sent.

Prank Dialer

Go to the Prank Dialer website.

Click on "Send a free prank."

Review the prank dialer library and select the prank of your choice.

Type in the area code and phone number that you want to send the message to.

Select the date and time to have the message sent and click "Finish."