How to Record a Screen With Sound

by Chris Vladimeru

Recording video of anything on your computer screen can be an easy and painless process. It can be helpful for figuring out computer problems, for creating an online video, for teaching someone software or a variety of other purposes. You can send the video of your screen across the world or just record it for your own future reference.

Open your screen capture or recording software. You may have to select "Video" from the options if your software also supports "Picture" screen captures.

Select "Record System Sound" or a similar option from the video menu or video drop-down box. There may also be an option to record only the sound from a specific application.

Begin recording. There will usually be a large red recording button similar to the kind found on a tape deck or music software. Some software use hot-keys to control the recording.

Stop recording. Usually this will be done in the same way that you started recording, by pressing the record button or using a hot-key combination.

Save the file. You may be able to select a compression option in order to reduce the file size.

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