How to Record Phone Calls on a Cordless Phone

By Elyse James

You can tap your cordless phone in just a few simple steps.
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Recording phone conversations can be helpful in certain situations, such as phone interviews or important calls you might want to review later. Induction coil microphones and in-line recorders are two of the easiest ways of recording conversations. They can be used with all phone types, including cordless phones.

Induction Coil Microphone

Attach the induction coil microphone to the back of your cordless phone. Place it on the upper part of the phone that is closest to where you put your ear.

Plug the other end of the cord into your recording device. This device could be anything from a simple tape recorder to a stereo or a computer.

Record the conversation. It's always best to set this up before making the call so you won't miss any of the conversation.

In-line Recorder

Plug the in-line recorder directly into your telephone jack. Now any calls placed to that phone line will be recorded onto your machine.

Set the recorder to remote. This will automatically record every phone call placed to the line and will stop recording the call as soon as the phone is hung up.

Be sure to place the recorder in a visible location and inform people who might be using the line that all calls will be recorded. Recording phone calls without parties being aware could have legal implications.