How to Record on the Panasonic DMR EZ485V

by Eoghan McCloskey

The Panasonic DMR EZ485V is a VHS and DVD recorder that allows you to record programming from your TV or other device directly onto blank DVDs. The Panasonic DMR EZ485V is very easy to connect and simple to use. If you use this device and wish to use it to record programming onto a blank DVD or VHS, you can do so using just a few basic steps.

Connect the RCA cables from the Panasonic DMR EZ485V to the TV or whatever device you are trying to record from. The RCA inputs on the Panasonic DMR EZ485V are located with all the other connection ports on the right side of the device's bank panel. They are labeled "In 1." Attach the cables from those ports to the output ports on the back of the TV.

Select DVD mode on the Panasonic DMR EZ485V. This is done by pressing the "Drive mode" button on the remote until the front displays indicates "DVD." If you are recording on a VHS, select VHS drive mode instead.

Insert a blank DVD or VHS, depending on which you are trying to record.

Press the "Record" button on the remote. You are now recording on the Panasonic DMR EZ485V.

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