How to Record Narration for Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

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Microsoft PowerPoint enables users to integrate charts, graphs, and information into a format they can present in public. With one PowerPoint tool, you even can record a narration to add to your next presentation.

Open the PowerPoint presentation software. Click on "Start" on the main menu. Choose the "Programs" option and select "Microsoft Office. From the "Office" menu, choose "Microsoft PowerPoint."

Complete the PowerPoint presentation or open an existing PowerPoint presentation.

Select the slide where the narration will begin. Next, from the main menu, choose "Slide Show." On the slide show menu, select "Record Narration."

Set the recording level of the microphone. Once the "Record Narration" dialogue box appears, click on the set "Microphone Level" button. Experiment with different volumes until the volume is correct.

Adjust the quality of the narration. With the record narration dialogue box open, click on "Change Quality." Remember, the better the quality, the larger the narration file.

Record the narration. Select the slide the narration will start on. If the narration starts on the first slide, click "First Slide" on the dialogue box. The slide show view will appear. Once the narration is finished for the first slide, choose "Next Slide." Repeat until the narration is finished.

Test the presentation to be certain the narration recorded correctly. If not, repeat the previous steps until the narration is satisfactory.

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