How to Record Myself Rapping

by Jennifer Burns

If you have a computer, you can record yourself rapping or singing. By doing so, you will allow your creativity to flow. Share your recordings with family and friends. This will allow you to find out how good you really sound. To set up your recording session, have a microphone and recording software handy to give you the best results. You can find software online to download at no cost.

Find a flat secure surface on which to set your computer in a quiet room. Begin by downloading LAME encoder software. This will allow you to save the audio files you create in MP3 format. Download the file lame_enc.dll from the link in the Resources section. Follow the steps as the software walks you through the setup.

Open the "Start" menu on your computer. Click on "Programs," then Navigate to "Accessories." Move the pointer down to the sound recorder software and open it. Download Audacity (see Resources) and follow the installation instructions if you do not have audio software already on your computer.

Plug the microphone into the computer using the USB port, usually located on the side of the computer. Turn the microphone sound completely up. Adjust the recording program sound as needed.

Press the red record button on the software screen to make a test recording. Keep the microphone four inches away from your mouth. Perform your rap and pronounce the words clearly. Press stop when you have finished your performance. Play the recording back to yourself. Determine which areas of the performance need adjustments.

Re-record the performance as needed until you are satisfied with the results. Stop the recording. Click on the "Save" button. Check the file format and verify that you are saving your recording in MP3 format. Click the file format menu if it is not in the correct format. Choose MP3 format and click save when done.

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