How to Record From iTunes to CD

by Serm Murmson

Creating a CD in iTunes is fairly easy. The music you manage on your computer can be exported to an audio, MP3 or data CD, depending on your desired format. The process revolves around the use of playlists, which are also a feature of iPods.

Open iTunes. If you do not have iTunes, you can download it for free.

Select "New Playlist" from the "File" menu. Name the playlist however you would like.

Drag songs from your iTunes library into the new playlist. You may also use the copy and paste functions to do this. If the songs you wish to put on a CD are not in your iTunes library, you must add them first. Do this with the "Add File/Folder to Library" functions in the "File" menu.

Put the songs in the desired order by dragging them within the playlist.

Insert a blank CD into your CD drive.

Select the "Burn Playlist to Disc" option from the "File" menu. Make sure the options are configured as you wish. You can configure the CD writing speed as well as the type of CD that is created. If you are creating an audio CD, iTunes also gives you the useful option of selecting the gap time between songs. If some of your songs bleed together, select "none" in this menu.

Click the "Burn" button.


  • close If you own an iPod, the playlists you create for burning CDs will be uploaded to your iPod the next time you sync it with iTunes. If you don't want this to happen, delete your playlist after burning the CD. The songs will not be deleted.

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