How to Record Internet Radio to a CD

By Joanne Cichetti

If you're looking to burn your favorite radio programs to CD, you must first record these programs to your computer from the radio website. A number of applications, such as Freecorder, MP3myMP3 or Free Sound Recorder can be used to record radio programs. Once the songs are recorded and saved on the computer, you can easily burn them on a blank CD using Windows Media Player.

Record Internet Radio to Computer

Step 1

Use the Freecorder application, which is available for download on its website (see Resources). Once you install it, a small toolbar application will appear on your web browser with a "Record" and "Stop" button on it.

Open the radio station's website from which you want to record program or music and load the particular show. Once it starts playing, click the "Record" button and Freecorder will start recording the song. Once the song finishes, click the "Stop" button. This song will be saved in Freecorder's folder in "All Programs" in "C:\ Drive."

Step 2

Use MP3myMP3, a standalone application that can be downloaded from its website (see Resources). Launch the application. Then open the radio station's website and start playing the song you want to record. As soon as the song starts playing, click the "Record" button in MP3myMP3 window. Click the "Stop" button when the song finishes playing. You can access the recorded song from MP3myMP3's folder in "All Programs" in the "C:\Drive" of your computer.

Step 3

Use Free Sound Recorder, an application similar to MP3myMP3. You can download and install it from its website (see Resources). Open the application after installation, and open the radio station's website from which you want to record the song. Once the song starts playing, click the "Record" button in the Free Sound Recorder window. When the song finishes playing, click the "Stop" button. To see the file, click the "View Files" button.

Burn the Recorded Songs onto a CD

Step 1

Go to "Start" menu and open "Windows Media Player."

Step 2

Click on "Library" then on "List" in the List pane.

Step 3

Click on "Burn List." Navigate to the folder where you have saved all the recorded songs. For instance, in the "C:\" drive, go to "All Programs" and navigate to the recording application's folder (like Freecorder). In this folder, you will find all the recorded songs. You have to select all these songs, and drag them into the "List pane" of Windows Media Player.

Step 4

Drag the songs to arrange them in the order you want them to play.

Step 5

Insert a blank CD-R into the computer's CD drive. Click the small arrow next to "Start Burn" and make sure that "Audio CD" is selected. Then click the "Start Burn" button. Burning a CD takes some time, so sit back and relax. You can check the progress in the burn list. Once it's done, it will automatically eject the disk.