How to Record Something Off of the Internet & Put it on a CD or DVD

By Mitchell White

Music and video on a website can be recorded to a CD or DVD.
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Many songs and videos on the Internet are specific to a website. However, you can capture and record this particular media to a computer by using various free software and websites. The files can then be recorded on a CD or DVD for backup or to be transferred to another computer.


Download and install My MP3 Recorder (see link in Resources below) to record any audio from a website to an MP3 file on the computer's hard drive. This program records audio playing from the computer's internal sound card. Select the computer's internal sound card as the "Input" and click "Record" to begin recording.

Navigate to (see link in Resources below) to record and download a file playing on a web page. Select the "download it from" option and paste the website address in the textbox provided. Select the format file to be used then click the "Convert" button to reveal a link to the new file that can be download.

Download and install YouTube Downloader (see link in Resources below) to record and download videos from the website Copy the YouTube website address and it will be automatically pasted into the YouTube Downloader program. Click the "Download" button to download this video to your computer.


Open Windows Media Player through the "Start" menu in Windows.

Click the "Burn" tab and select "Data disc" from the drop-down menu.

Drag and drop the downloaded media to the Burn playlist in the "Burn" tab. Insert a blank CD or DVD into the computer's recording drive and click the "Burn" button to begin the burning process. The CD will automatically eject when the process is completed.

Remove the disk. You can now use it in another computer by simply placing the disc in the drive. Once the computer recognizes the CD, it should give options for playback.