How do I Record From a DVR to a VHS Tape?

By Shelby Winchell

Transfer your DVR recordings onto a VHS tape.
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Make more room on your DVR by transferring your favorite shows or programs to a VHS tape. You can connect a VCR to any DVR using inexpensive television cables. Watch the recorded program at your convenience on your VCR. Once you're done viewing, reuse the VHS tape to record another program or add it to your video library.

Step 1

Turn your DVR so you can see the back of it and all of the connections. Place your VCR nearby. Look for the three coaxial cable inputs. Two of the inputs connect the cable box to the actual DVR. The third connection is for the television.

Step 2

Connect a coaxial cable from the "Out of TV" output on the VCR into the "Cable" input on the VCR.

Step 3

Move the channel switch on the back of the DVR and VCR to either channel 3 or 4. Both machines need to be on the same channel.

Step 4

Turn on the television, VCR and DVR and place a blank VHS tape into the VCR.

Step 5

Play a program saved on your DVR. Press the "Record" button on VCR while the program is playing. Let the VCR record for a few minutes before pressing "Stop" on the VCR. Rewind the tape and then play it back to make sure the program recorded.