How to Record Voice & Convert to Text to Send to a Computer

By Louise Balle

Record Voice & Convert to Text to Send to a Computer
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If you're more comfortable speaking than writing, you may prefer to record your voice and then convert your spoken words to text -- without having to resort to typing. This is helpful for writing anything from a book to a diary entry. In the past, you would have to hire a transcription professional or dictation assistant to perform this function. Now you may save some money and time by using your own software.

Record Voice

Use Vocaroo to record your voice. This is a browser-based recorder too --- you need Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer. The tool prompts you to allow Flash Player access to your microphone to start the recording process. When you're finished, you'll receive a link to the voice recording in SWF (Flash) format.

Record your voice using Audacity, a free utility available for download online. You can use this on multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Connect a microphone to your computer to both record and edit your sound using this software. It produces audio in a variety of output formats, including WMA, M4A and MP3.

Create a recording of your voice using MP3 Audio recorder and a standard microphone compatible with the line-in jack of your computer. This software, which works on Windows 7 and Vista, produces MP3, WMA or WAV format sound files. You can play the file using any compatible MP3 player, including Real Player and QuickTime.

Convert to Text

Convert your voice file to text using Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking. This is a stand-alone software program that you need to download to your computer and use along with a microphone. Train the program to recognize your voice first, then play your recorded voice file to transfer to text in a word processing program. Choose from four program versions with different dictionaries and capabilities --- standard, preferred, professional or legal voice recognition software.

Use Windows Speech Recognition software to transfer the voice message to text. This program comes standard with Windows Vista operating systems --- you only need a high-quality microphone and word processing program. You may also have to upload the voice file to a playback recorder compatible with digital sound files and hold it to the microphone to transfer the speech to text. You can then email the word processing file to your recipient.

Use Jott to convert your voice recording to text. To perform the conversion, you must call into a voicemail system and either speak or play your voice recording into the phone. The service translates the information to a text message. Choose from three account options --- the length of the voice message allowed varies depending on the type of account. You can have the text file emailed directly to your computer for forwarding or saving.