How to Record Audio on an iMac

By Anthony Diaz de la Vega

Record Audio on an iMac
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Apple's OS X software is optimized for recording and editing digital media. There are many pieces of recording software designed for use with Apple's operating system, including Garageband, Logic Pro and Pro Tools. The iMac computer allows you to record sound through either the built-in microphone or the line-in port (located on the back of the computer), but you will need a pre-amp or powered microphone to use a microphone with the line-in port. Using a professional microphone will yield a much cleaner audio signal with less background interference than the built-in microphone. You can also connect some microphones or other sound sources to the computer through a USB or Firewire port.

Connect any musical equipment that you will be directly recording to your iMac computer through the line-in port (or USB or Firewire port), located on the rear of the computer. If you are going to record using the built in microphone try to get the source of sound centered in front of the computer screen.

Open your recording software from the OS X "Applications" folder. Allow for the software to detect any microphones or other sound generating peripheral (like a drum machine) connected to your computer.

Press the "Record" button using the music software's transport controls to begin the recording. Press the "Record" button again or the "Stop" button to stop the recording. Click "File" and "Save File As" when you are done recording to save your audio file for playback or later editing.