How to Record Audio From Computer Speakers

by Sean Barboza

Recording sound from your computer's speakers is a great idea if you find music or other audio that you want to archive. Windows includes a program called Sound Recorder. This program records audio from your computer's sound card, which is more convenient than using a hand-held tape recorder.

Press "Start." Go to "All Programs, Accessories, Entertainment." Click on "Sound Recorder."

Locate "file" on the Sound Recorder menu and select "new."

Click on "edit" and then "audio properties." You will see the audio properties' window. Click on "volume" on your "Sound Recording" default device. This opens the volume control and shows volume sliders for various recording inputs.

Check "select" on the main volume slider. This is usually the first slider.

Close the volume control and audio properties' windows. Play the audio you want to record. Press record on "Sound Recorder." Press "stop" when you are finished recording. Check the result by playing back the audio.

Save your recording by locating "file" and choosing "save as." To change the file type, click the "change" button at the bottom of the "save as" window. Click "save." You have recorded and saved audio from your computer.

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