How to Record Adobe Flash Player Videos

By Wanda Richards

There are many Flash videos out there on the Web and you may want to record them to play on your Website. In fact, you may want to record several of them to have them play back to back. With Camtasia, you can record whatever is going on on your desktop; then you can convert that recording into whatever kind of audio or video file you prefer.

Recording the Flash video

Pull the Flash file up on your desktop. This can be as simple as accessing a Web page or running a Flash file on another piece of software.

Run Camtasia Recorder. Click the red button underneath "Capture." You are now recording everything that happens on your desktop.

Go back to your Flash file and start the video. Some Flash files do not require that you actually start them because they start automatically. Do not do other activities on your desktop while the Flash video is running. Remember Camtasia is recording everything happening on your desktop.

Stop Camtasia. Once the Flash video has run its course, go back to the Camtasia screen and select "Capture > Stop."

Save the file generated by Camtasia. Camtasia will prompt you to save the .avi video file. Navigate to the appropriate directory then give the file a name. You have just recorded a Flash file and made it into a video file.