Recommended Replacements for Digital Image Pro

By Naomi Bolton

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Microsoft discontinued its line of Digital Image Suite software packages, resulting in a need for replacement software similar to Digital Image Pro. Digital Image Pro is a photo editor that allows you to fix red eyes, crop and rotate your pictures, clean up scratches or dust on the photo and add text or special effects. Several software packages exist that also support these features and are suitable replacements for Digital Image Pro.


Just like Digital Image Pro, Photoscape allows you to edit and enhance individual or multiple images. With Photoscape you can change the image size, color, white balance, back lighting, add text, draw pictures, remove red eyes, adjust brightness and contrast and many other options. Photoscape also features a "Combine" option, similar to Digital Image Pro's "Stitch" feature, which enables you to align multiple photos to create one final photo. Just like Digital Image Pro supported projects with animations, Photoscape enables you to create your own animation from multiple images. Like Digital Image Pro, Photoscape also comes with several filter effects to apply to your images. For instance, the "antique" filter will make your photos look like old, faded antique prints.

Where Digital Image Pro had a feature with which you could create and send your own e-cards online, Photoscape has "Face Search." This feature finds similar faces on the Internet to the faces in your photo. Photoscape is a freeware program and available for download from


GIMP is image manipulation software that allows you to retouch and creatively edit photos or other images or create your own images from scratch. Like Digital Image Pro, GIMP features painting tools such as brushes and cloning tools. GIMP's color enhancing tools are also very similar to those of Digital Image Pro, with brightness and contrast, color hue and dodge and burn options. GIMP is available for free download online from

FastStone Image Viewer

FastStone Image Viewer is an image browser and editor. The software includes features similar to Digital Image Pro, such as red-eye removal, emailing, resizing, color adjustments and image viewing. Like with Digital Image Pro, FastStone Image Viewer enables viewers to create a musical slideshow with transitional effects from their photo albums. FastStone Image Viewer also features special image effects such as watermarks, drop shadows, framing, morphs and many more. FastStone Image Viewer allows you to acquire images from devices such as digital cameras and scanners and supports dual-monitor display. FastStone is available for free for non-commercial users from

Fly Free Photo Editing & Viewer

Fly Free Photo Editing & Viewer is a freeware software editor. This software allows users to edit, view and share multiple photos, much in the same way as Digital Image Pro. Like Digital Image Pro, Fly Free Photo Editing & Viewer supports batch image processing and enables you to create a PowerPoint slideshow from your photos. Similar to Digital Image Pro, Fly Free Photo Editing & Viewer also allows you to share photos online via MSN, Google, Facebook or Flickr. The software also features an HTML-converter, which you could use to convert entire Web pages to normal images. Other tools that are similar to Digital Image Pro include crop, resize, grayscale, contrast, brightness, red eye removal and text tools.