How to Recess a Flat-Screen TV

by Hans Fredrick
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Flat-screens have been dominating the TV marketplace for several years now. As a result, companies and individuals are constantly coming up with new ways to display them. The traditional TV stand gave way to wall mounting, and now some people are choosing to recess the panel inside the wall. The result is a sleek modern look that makes the display appear to be part of the wall itself. This is also a great way to display a flat panel in an environment where you're trying to conserve space.

Step 1

Choose the area of the wall to recess the TV into, and cut a test hole. Cut a clean test hole several inches square so that you can see what is inside the wall. Make clean cuts so that you can easily patch the wall if you discover unforeseen obstacles inside the wall. Outlets on that part of the wall indicate interior wiring and piping are behind it.

Step 2

Build a box out of ¾-inch plywood that is the right size and depth to house your TV. Cut the plywood to size, and use glue and nails to hold the box together. Be sure you leave enough space in the box for airflow around the unit. Drill a hole in the box for power and input cables. Paint the box to either match your wall, or the TV exterior.

Step 3

Measure and cut open a hole in the wall that is the right size for the box. A reciprocating saw is the best tool for the job. Remember to never cut until you are sure there are no wires behind the wall.

Step 4

Install the box. Glue all sides of the box to its anchor points within the wall. Nail the box in place as well, so that you have enough strength to support the weight of your television. If you need more strength, place a 2-by-4 footer under the box.

Install some trim or molding around the cavity in the wall. This gives it a finished look, like a picture frame.


  • When determining the right place for a test hole, look for outlets in your wall that would indicate the presence of wiring. If you see an outlet in the wall, you should consult an electrician before cutting.
  • Never try to recess a TV into an exterior or load bearing wall. Doing so could cause structural damage to your home.


  • If you want a completely recessed entertainment unit, create a second recessed cavity for your receiver, cable TV box and other peripherals. You can then run wires between the two boxes to create a completely sleek look.


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