How to Connect My Receiver to a Phone Line with DISH Network Satellite TV

By Editorial Team

You can order DISH Network sports subscriptions or pay-per-view movies directly from your remote control. To do so, the receiver has to be connected to a land based phone line. If the receiver is not connected to a phone line, you can order sports subscription or pay-per-view movies by calling DISH Network's customer service. However, DISH Network may charge an additional fee for ordering movies through phone. Hence, it is advisable to order movies from your remote control by connecting your receiver to a phone line. Read on to learn more.

Look for the phone socket at the back of your receiver. Your phone line should be plugged into this socket.

Use a wireless phone jack if your phone line does not reach the receiver. The wireless phone jack can be kept close to the receiver and a phone cable can then be connected between the jack and the phone socket in your receiver.

Follow on-screen instructions to order pay-per-view movies or a sports subscription.