How to Receive a Wireless Internet Signal

by Jack Gorman

So you want to know how to receive a wireless Internet signal. Setting up your computer to receive a wireless Internet signal is a relatively easy task that should only take moments to complete, as most computers built since 2004 have on-board wireless Internet chips. No experience or computer knowledge is necessary, even your grandmother could do it.

Receive Your Wireless Internet Signal

Click the Start button.

Click on the Control Panel.

Double click on Network Connections.

Right click on Wireless Network Connection and select Properties.

Choose the Wireless Networks tab.

Click View Wireless Networks.

Select a wireless network, usually the one with the best signal strength. Some wireless networks require passwords, these are called "Security Enabled". If you select one of these, you will need to find the network's owner and ask for the password. Otherwise, choose one that is unsecured.

Close all open windows and open a web browser. Your Internet should now be available.

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