How to Receive a Text Message in Email

by Jess Jones

In this economy, every cent counts. One of the most costly drains on your income might be incoming text messages on your cellular phone. Many cell phone providers charge high fees to receive text messages on your phone. In addition, some providers make it difficult to block incoming messages. Almost all providers provide an email address from which to text, but they do not provide a way to receive texts to your email. Now you can use your email to receive incoming texts by following some simple steps.


Go to


Provide your email address, the number you want to text to your email, and a message letting the individual know when they text back, it will go to your email.


Check your email for a response to the text you sent. Reply back as necessary.


  • check You may also pay to use a service by the company Text-connect that provides multiple services along with receiving texts to your email account. Their website is:

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