How to Receive Files on Skype for iPhone

by Melly Parker
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Image files no larger than 25MB can be transferred on the iPhone Skype app. If a user tries to send you another type of file, you'll get a notification about the transfer but will have no option to accept it. Although other types of files can be transferred on the desktop application, there is no way to receive files other than images when you're using Skype on the iPhone.

Step 1

Tap "Skype" to launch your Skype app.

Step 2

Sign in with your user ID and password.

Tap "Accept" on the alert that says a person is attempting to send you a file.


  • The information in this article applies to iPhone 5 and the iOS Skype app. Steps may not work on other hardware or software.


  • Images are stored in Photos.
  • When the file transfer is completed, the photo will open on your iPhone.
  • For faster file transfers, connect the iPhone to Wi-Fi before accepting the file transfer.


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