How to Recalibrate a Dell Laptop Battery

By Justin Obrien

One of the biggest challenges laptop owners have is extending the life of their laptop batteries. The batteries of Dell laptops are generally long-lasting, but battery life will also depend on how a person uses his computer. An effective way of improving the condition of laptop batteries is recalibration. This is a must especially when the duration of your battery life has gotten shorter after a few months or years of usage. It is recommended that you recalibrate the battery of your Dell laptop every two months to maintain its good performance.

Connect the power adapter to your laptop (with the battery attached) then plug the other end to the electrical outlet. Check to make sure that it is charging properly.

Charge the battery completely. Monitor the battery indicator, which is usually found that the bottom of your computer screen, to check if the battery is already fully charged.

Plug off the power adapter and use the laptop until the battery is completely drained. To drain the battery faster, run several programs at once and keep the contrast of your screen to its highest levels. Turn off all power-saving features as well.

Make sure that the battery is totally drained by waiting for your laptop to shut off or go into sleep mode automatically because of very low battery charge.

Plug the power adapter again and charge the battery again completely. Once this is done, restore the power-saving features and adjust the contract settings of your screen to normal.