How to Rebuild a Microsoft Outlook Profile

by Stephanie Breaux
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Any email you have with Microsoft Outlook can be saved to a .pst file. This file will keep track of any email you have saved in your inbox, outbox, sent items, deleted items and drafts. If you ever lose access to a profile and have the need to rebuild your Microsoft Outlook profile with your previous lost email data, you can import the .pst file into your new profile to obtain the previously lost data.

Step 1

Open Microsoft Outlook. It will be listed under the programs on your computer.

Step 2

Click on "File > Identities > Add New Identity." Enter the desired information. Proceed through the steps until you have created the new identity. Be sure to enter the correct email address information. If you are unaware of the information you'll need to provide in this step, consult with your email provider.

Step 3

Close Microsoft Outlook. Launch Microsoft Outlook once you have fully closed the program.

Step 4

Log into Microsoft Outlook using the identity you just created.

Select your email inbox. Click on "File > Open." Navigate through the folders to find the .pst file you have saved your personal mail information to. Once you have found it, click on "Open" to import the data to Microsoft Outlook. This will restore your profile's inbox and email data.


  • If you are using a personal email address linked from a domain you own, you can log into your web site's control panel to automatically sync your email address to Microsoft Outlook. Follow the directions provided in your website control panel to do this. If you need further help, contact your website host for more information or read the documentation for your control panel. Documentation can generally be found either within the control panel or on the official website for the control panel.
  • If you are using a free email service, such as Yahoo! Mail or GMail, read the help sections for your email service provider for more help on setting your email up to work with Microsoft Outlook.


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