How to Reboot a Dell Laptop Without a CD

By Robert Ceville

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When your Dell laptop starts to lag, work inefficiently, or not handle ordinary operations, it may be time to reboot. Rebooting is known as "Factory Restore." Factory Restore has been implemented by all computer manufacturers to correct these issues, bringing your machine back into its original condition without the need for installation discs. Factory Restore will remove and replace any corrupted files, leaving you with a clean machine.

Step 1

Power on your Dell while hitting the "F8" key repeatedly. You have to access the Factory Restore utility before Windows begins to load.

Step 2

Click "Next" when the Factory Restore screen comes up. Give permission for the utility to continue by clicking "OK."

Step 3

Select perform "Destructive Recovery" from the list.

Step 4

Click "Next" or "Continue" to proceed with the reformatting of your Dell computer. You will receive a message telling you that once the procedure has been completed, all data will be lost.

Step 5

Wait for the rebooting process to finish. Once the process has been successfully completed, your computer will be rebooted.

Step 6

Enter your desired configuration within Windows for language preferences, time, and date.Give permission to continue throughout the Windows Re-installation process. When Windows is finished being installed, your computer will be in its original condition.