How to Reboot a Dell Computer

By Chris Yokum

At some point, you'll need to reboot your computer. If you're installing new applications, a system reboot may be required to fully install the programs. In other cases, you'll need to reboot your computer if it begins behaving weirdly when working with various programs. In a few steps, you'll learn how to reboot a Dell computer.

Standard Shutdown

Close all open programs currently opened on your Dell computer system. Either save them for later access, or just exit out of each one before rebooting your Dell computer system. Although these applications will automatically close when you choose to this option, it will cut down on the amount of time it takes to do so.

Select the "Start" button located at the bottom left corner of the Dell computer screen. It can be easily identified by the round Microsoft logo. A general list of programs will immediately display for you to browse through. Instead of choosing one of these applications, you'll need to click one of the three icons located next to the "Search" box.

Click the arrow icon to view more command choices for your Dell computer system. From the list, select the "Shut Down" option. Within a few minutes, your computer will begin the process of closing any open programs and shutting itself down. Usually, this process won't take long to do so. At this point, there's nothing else that needs to be done except wait for this to finish.

Turn your Dell computer back on by pushing the power button. This button looks like a circle with a line through it. Depending on how many applications are scheduled to automatically start, it will take a short time for your computer to be fully up and running.

Standard Restart

Select the "Start" icon on your Dell computer system. Next to the "Search" box, click the arrow icon to access more menu settings. From the displayed choices, click the "Restart" link. This function will automate the process of rebooting your Dell computer system.

Watch as your computer shuts down any open programs or documents to begin the process of rebooting itself. If you have a large amount of applications still open, it will take a longer time to get through this. It may be useful to save documents and close programs to quickly reboot your Dell computer.

Wait for a few seconds until your Dell computer system powers itself back on. You won't have to manually press the power button after choosing the "Restart" function. Each of your necessary programs will load upon start-up, and you'll have full access to begin working with your Dell computer system.