How to Rearrange Publication Orders in LinkedIn

By Filonia LeChat

Shuffle your LinkedIn publications so you look like an ace.
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Putting your best virtual foot forward on LinkedIn may be a painstaking and time-encompassing process involving listing all of your previous education, employment, on-the-job tasks, awards and interests. Another area open for beefing-up on LinkedIn is your virtual portfolio, where you can upload links to published works. Although LinkedIn lists your publications by their published date, with the most recent appearing first by default, you can rearrange this to customize your list.

Getting Started

If you’re trying to rearrange the order of your publications but having absolutely no luck, first check that you’re logged into the site and that you’re on the “Edit Profile” screen. If you clicked “View Profile” by accident, you see the flattened, inaccessible version of your profile that everyone else sees. Once you actually click “Edit Profile,” you’ll see the small blue pencil icons next to each publication as well as the up and down shuffle arrows.

Drag and Drop

The quickest way to rearrange publications on LinkedIn is using the shuffle arrows, which actually enable you to drag and drop like you’re shuffling real things. If you hover the cursor over one of the arrows, after a second you’ll notice the cursor changes to a four-headed arrow. Press and hold down the left mouse button and then drag the publication. It’s now become “sticky,” meaning it will go wherever you move your mouse. Move it down to last, bring it up to the top or place it between other publications. As soon as you release the mouse button, LinkedIn drops the publication into place. Depending on your computer speed, it may take a moment for LinkedIn to catch up and sort your profile out.

Dating Yourself

By default, LinkedIn places publications in which you don’t list a date at the bottom of the order. To rearrange these, you’ll need to do the drag-and-drop process or click the blue pencil icon and enter the date for the publication. You may also find that not entering dates saves you a bit of time when you want newly added publications to appear at the bottom of your list. In the same way, another way to perform rearranging is to click the blue pencil icon to edit a publication that has a date listed and remove the date, shuffling that publication to the bottom of your list.

Starting From Scratch

If you’ve shuffled, moved and “dropped” your publications so much that you’d rather start from scratch, you can do that as well. Click the blue pencil icon to open the edit window. Scroll to the bottom of the section and then click “Remove this publication.” You’ll need to repeat the process for each publication you have listed and then start fresh.