How to Get Real Player to Work With Google Chrome

by Matt Koble
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RealPlayer is a computer program that plays various formats of computer media, including both audio and video. Published by RealNetworks, RealPlayer has both a stand-alone version and a Web plug-in for most popular Web browsers. Chrome, Google's Web browser, comes with the RealPlayer plug-in pre-installed. If it's not working for you, the plug-in must have gotten disabled somehow. No worries, re-enabling RealPlayer requires no advanced technical knowledge or expertise, and you likely won't even need to install anything.

Step 1

Turn your computer on and open Google Chrome once the computer fully loads. Type "about:plugins" into the address bar and hit "Enter."

Step 2

Navigate through the list and look for the "RealPlayer(tm) LiveConnect-Enabled Plug-In," which should be gray since it's disabled. Click the "Enable" button to activate the plug-in.

Navigate to a Web page that offers a RealPlayer test, such as the University of Delaware's test page (see Resources). Run the test to ensure RealPlayer now works.


  • If RealPlayer still won't work, simply uninstall and re-install Google Chrome. As the browser comes with the plug-in pre-installed, it should work directly after installation.


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