How to Find a Real Email Address for a Celebrity

By Jordan Whitehouse

Are you a big fan of a particular celebrity? Do you want to contact him for an autographed photo or just to say hello? Maybe you have an offer for the celebrity. Whatever your reason, one of the best ways to reach him is through email. Some celebrities might not have their email addresses listed in easy-to-find areas, but if you follow these steps, you can be emailing your favorite celebrity today.

Step 1

Navigate to the celebrity's fan page or official website. Some celebrities will list their email address within these sites. Try looking for a contact or about section on the website.

Step 2

Navigate to the celebrity's Myspace or Facebook page. If you're using Facebook, you might have to be the celebrity's friend to see any contact details, so if this is the case, request to be the celebrity's friend. If you can't find the email address on the celebrity's Myspace or Facebook page, try sending a message to the celebrity, politely asking for their email address.

Step 3

Contact the celebrity's agent or one of their representatives to request the email address. If you're not sure who the agent or representative is that represents the celebrity, type the name of the celebrity and "agent" in a search engine and navigate through the results. You can also try doing a search for the agent at Contact Any Celebrity, Who Represents or a celebrity agency like Jonathan Lipman.

Step 4

Contact the celebrity's employer or union to request the email address. For example, contact the Screen Actors Guild if you're looking for an actor's email address or contact the publisher who published an author's work. You can find the name and address of the publisher by looking on one of the first few pages of a book.