How to Read Texts on Your Computer From Your Wireless

by Tiffany Ameh

Sometimes it's simply more convenient to save text messages to your computer rather than your wireless phone. Some phones only store texts for a limited amount of time, so using the computer to read and store important text messages is a good idea. The methods used to do this vary from phone to phone, though some cell phone companies have software that allows the user to transfer data between their cell phone and computer.


Go to your phone manufacturer's website and go to the download section. Download the software that allows the phone to interact with your computer. For example, Nokia has Nokia PC Suite.


Use software to explore the contents of your phone's memory card. Nokia PC suite allows users to explore the phone's memory card as if it were a drive on the computer.


Transfer the contents of the text messages folder to the location of your choice by drag and drop, cut and paste, or whatever other action your software allows. Nokia PC Suite allows users to drag and drop files from the phone to a folder on the computer.

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