How to Read Texts on an AT&T Account

by Brendan O'Brien

AT&T is a major cell phone service and equipment provider. One of the services that the phone company offers is text messaging. The service, which is a part of many cell phone plans, allows users to type small messages on their mobile devices and send them to other mobile devices or computers. To view text messages, a user needs to use their cell phone since there is no way to read messages online.


Turn on your phone and tap or navigate to your cell phone's menu. The route you get to depends on your actual phone.


Choose "Text Messages," "Messages" or "Texts" on your phone. The wording is specific to your phone, but in general it will be pertaining to texting or messaging.


Choose or tap the received messages option. Again, this is somewhat specific to your phone, but in general you will have an option to view the messages sent to your phone.


View the list of messages that appear on your AT&T phone.

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