How to Read Stephen King Novels Online for Free

By Terrance Karter

You can read some novels or parts of novels online.
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Stephen King is a renowned author who writes horror and pop fiction novels. Though most of his works must to be purchased, there are some online copies of his novels and books. It is important to only access online copies at certified sites, however, because otherwise you may be reading or downloading illegal copies of books.

Click on the Online Books Library from the University of Pennsylvania. This is a sanctioned library of online books and portions of books that you can read for free. You can't read just any Stephen King novel at this site, but there are a few from which you can choose. Select a type of Stephen King book from the list, which is organized by last name and dates of publication. Click on the links to see which books or portions of books are available to read online. You cannot download these or save them, but you can read what is available online.

Click on Stephen King's main online site. Here, the author posts links to several different online stories, novels, or portions of books. The links are changing constantly, so you can keep going back to his site to see which novels or portions of novels are currently available for you to read. When you find a story or a novel you'd like to read, click on it to read it on your screen. You cannot save or download these novels.

Click on Stephen King's Dark Tower site. Here, you will find portions of the Dark Tower Novels, as well as portions of other novels that relate to the Dark Tower series. Click on the links to read various portions of the novels. You cannot download these stories, and you cannot save them to your computer.