How to Read A Mini SD Card

By Amanda Kondolojy

Read A Mini SD Card
i Wikimedia User: KingLoLo01, Public Domain

A Mini SD card is a portable memory device that is commonly used in cell phones and cameras. You can transfer files from the mini SD card to your computer if you have the correct hardware.

Check whether your computer has an SD card reader. Generally, it would be on the front of the tower or on the side of a laptop. The slot will be labeled "SD Card." If you do not have a slot, you can purchase a card reader from an electronics store or an online website. The readers are inexpensive and connect to your computer through a USB port.

Obtain an adapter that will accommodate the Mini SD card (available at electronic stores and online sites). Place the mini card into the bottom of the adapter and then place the adapter into the card reader slot.

Go to the "My Computer" area of your PC (or the "Drives" section of your Mac) and select the SD card from the list of available storage devices. The computer will now read the Mini SD card and you can retrieve your data.