How to Read Gpx in Google Maps

By StephenR

i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

GPX is also commonly referred to as GPS eXchange format. It is a schema that uses XML for GPS systems. Basically, it is what enables you to transfer data between your computer and a GPS. Many people like to use Google Maps to view and edit their maps, but Google Maps does not use the .gpx file format. How can you get your .gpx file to show up on Google Maps?

Step 1

Find a GPX converter. Most of these programs are free and they can be found with a standard internet search. Some of these programs will need to be installed and others enable you to upload and convert a map right from the webpage. One such site is

Step 2

Use the GPX converter to change your .gpx file into a .kml file. Save the .kml file on your computer.

Step 3

Create a map in "My Maps" in Google Maps. On the left side of the edit window, click the "Import" button.

Step 4

Upload the .kml file from the location where you saved it on your computer. Choose whether you want the uploaded file to replace everything on the current map or simply overlay on the current map.

Step 5

View the data from your .gpx file on the newly created map in Google Maps. If you want, you can save the map by clicking "Save" on the left side of the edit window.