How to Read Footnotes on a Kindle (3 Steps)

By Andrew McClain

To find footnotes on your Kindle, look for the asterisk or superscript numbers.
i David McNew/Getty Images News/Getty Images

As you sit and read your new Kindle book, you might start to wonder about the footnotes. After all, sometimes the tidbits of information or references really can help you dig deeper into the story, especially when you're reading the classics. On the Kindle, however, the notes aren't at the bottom of each page. Look for an asterisk or underlined text. That indicates that there is a note. Clicking on it takes you there, and then you can return back to your reading.

Step 1

Position the cursor over the footnote annotation with the 5-way controller. The cursor appears as a pointing hand. If you have a Kindle Fire or Kindle Touch, you can tap the asterisk or annotation.

Step 2

Press the 5-way controller to advance to the footnote.

Step 3

Press the "Back" button to return to your position in the book.