How to Read Ebooks on Your Laptop

by Aubrey Kerr

Ebook readers aren't just for standalone devices and mobile phones. You can also read ebooks on your laptop with ebook reader software. There are free and paid ebook programs to choose from. Microsoft, Adobe and open source developers have all produced ebook readers for use on your laptop computer.

Choose an ebook reader program for your laptop. Some examples are Reader from Microsoft, Digital Editions from Adobe and open source programs like Calibre, FBReader and Flipbook.

Download the program of your choice. Most ebook reader software is free, so you can try several programs if you want.

Double-click the file you just downloaded and the software will automatically install.

Open the software and read the help file or tutorial, if necessary. Every program is a little different so familiarize yourself with the ebook reader layout and how to import ebooks before you begin reading.

Find ebooks. Your ebook software may have a search interface directly in the program. Keep in mind that different readers use different file types. Ebooks formatted for Microsoft and Adobe software are available from their own websites or Other potential book markets are Project Gutenberg and The Internet Archive. Don't look to Amazon to provide readable files for laptop ebook programs. Books on Amazon are formatted specifically for the Kindle.

Load the ebooks according to your software's instructions.


  • check Thousands of free books are available from Project Gutenberg and The Internet Archive. These are generally books in the public domain, so you won't find the latest bestsellers here. These ebooks are available in several formats including TXT and PDF that can be read on any laptop without special ebook software.


  • close Download ebook programs from reputable websites and read reviews if you've never heard of the company before. You can also search the program's name with the search term "issues" or "problems" to find out if there's been complaints about a company's software.

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