How to Read DLL Files

By Betshy Paola Sanchez Marr

Read DLL Files
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DLL files are system files that are mainly associated with Dynamic Link Library, according to, an online database of file extensions. DLL files contain a group of functions and/or device drivers that are activated by an application. Moreover, DLL files allow several programs to access system procedures by means of common libraries. DLL files can be opened, read and edited with software such as Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9.0 and Resource Hacker.


Right-click on the DLL file located in the place you initially saved it.

Click on "Open With."

Select the "Choose Default Program" option.

Click on the icon of the software you wish to use to open the file---Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9.0 or Resource Hacker.

Click on "Browse" only if Windows does not display the application you wish to use. Search for it and then click on "Open."

Click on "OK." Your DLL file will open.