How to Read Cell Phone SIM Memory (5 Steps)

By Michael Jones

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You can retrieve contacts, rescue deleted text messages and organize your phone's memory with a SIM card reader. Most activity on your cell phone is stored on your Subscriber Identity Module, or SIM, card. Every phone has a SIM card because it stores the subscriber key that identifies the mobile user. Once you buy a SIM card reader, you can simply slip your SIM card into the device and plug it into your computer. Once it is properly installed, you will be able to read all the memory that is stored on your SIM card.

Step 1

Buy a SIM card reader. These devices usually plug into a computer's USB port and are capable of reading all the memory saved on a SIM card. This includes, notes, calendar dates, text messages and phone book contacts. These devices can go for anywhere between $5 and $100. Most cost in the $20 to $30 range as of January 2010.

Step 2

Remove your SIM card from your cell phone. The SIM card is located underneath your phone's battery. In order to remove it, you have to take off the back cover of your phone and remove the battery. You will see a small card (a few millimeters long and wide) stored in the back of your phone. Either slide it out of place or unclip the mechanism holding the card.

Step 3

Insert the SIM card into the SIM card reader. Most readers allow you to simply slip the card into the reader. Make sure you insert the card the correct way. You will have to read the instructions of your specific SIM card reader to make sure you are using it correctly.

Step 4

Connect your reader to your computer. Many readers will come with software that you have to install before your computer can recognize the device.

Step 5

Follow the prompts on your computer to read the memory on your SIM card. Some SIM cards are locked and won't be read by the SIM card reader. If this is the case, you will have to call your service provider to get a code to unlock it.