If I Reactivate My Facebook Account, Will My Friends See?

By Kefa Olang

Whether you're taking a vacation on the beach or just from Facebook, your deactivated account will be there when you return.
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When your Facebook account is deactivated, it is hidden from your friends and other Facebook users. Everything that is in your Facebook account is saved, it's just invisible. When you reactivate your Facebook account, your friends will be able to see your account again and connect with you.

A Deactivated Facebook Account

When you deactivate your Facebook account, your Timeline disappears from view. People on Facebook can no longer find you or view your Timeline. A deactivated account is temporarily disabled, which means you can reactivate it anytime you want. When your account is deactivated, your information -- including account settings, friends, photos and pages -- is saved. Only when you come back to Facebook will your friends be able to communicate with you.

Reactivating your Facebook Account

When you are ready to reactivate your Facebook account, logging in with your login email address and password automatically reactivates your account. If you have more than one email address associated with the account, you can use any of them to reactivate your Facebook account. When you reactivate your Facebook account, your friends will not receive a notification stating that you are back. However, depending on your privacy settings, they may know you are back when you start posting status updates, commenting on pictures and liking pages.

Forgotten Email Addresses And Passwords

If you haven't been logged in to your account for a long time, you may forget your login email addresses or password. Without this information, you won't be able to reactivate your Facebook account. However, Facebook provides options to retrieve forgotten email address and passwords. If you click the "Forgot Your Password" link on the login page, you can use the information provided to retrieve your information and log in to your Facebook account.

Account Violations

If your account was deactivated for security reasons or because of a violation of Facebook regulations, you cannot reactivate your account by simply logging in with your email address and password. Issues with violation of rules and regulations must be resolved or your friends will not be able to see your account again. If your account was deactivated, complete the information on the "My Account Was Disabled" page (see link in Resources). Facebook will investigate the matter and contact you.