RCA Univesal Remote Instructions

By Andrew Smith

i Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images

RCA universal remote controls are used to replace broken or lost device remotes. These universal remotes also give you the option of using one remote with multiple components. RCA universal remotes do not come preprogrammed to control any devices, so you must manually install codes to use the remote with components. Your RCA universal remote has a “Code Search” button that is used for locating codes for devices such as DVD players and TV sets.

Step 1

Turn on the device or component, such as a TV, that you'll use with the RCA universal remote.

Step 2

Hold the “Code Search” button that's near the top of the RCA universal remote for roughly five seconds.

Step 3

Press the device button, such as the “TV” button, on the remote. Let go of the “Code Search” button.

Step 4

Press the “ON/OFF” key once. Wait two seconds and press it again. Repeat this over and over, up to 100 times, until the device shuts off.

Step 5

Press and release the “Enter” key to save the code.