RCA Digital Voice Recorder Instructions

By Aaron Wardell

RCA manufactures one of the most popular brands of digital voice recorders. They have high-quality microphones, a large internal memory, and hook to your computer for easy archiving. They are also very affordable. Recording speeches, class presentations, meetings, and even music rehearsals has never been easier.

Basic Instructions

Most RCA digital recorders are battery-operated, so make sure they're inserted properly. When you power on the unit, you should see useful information about the file being recorded, battery life, and recording time remaining. You can also peruse previously recorded tracks using the ">>" and "<<" buttons. Depending on the model of recorder you have, you can also erase recordings using the erase button or by using the delete feature in the main menu.

Recording and Playback

Recording with your digital recorder is a snap. Simply press the record button to start a new recording. It will begin automatically. You can stop and start the recording process by pressing the record/pause button. You can stop the file and save it to memory by pressing the stop button. If your recorder has advanced features like editing and voice activation, you can access these useful features by pressing the menu button.


It's easy to download your recorded files to your PC or laptop. Simply use the flip-out USB port or supplied USB cable to plug into your PC. Turn your RCA recorder on and your computer should immediately recognize it as a portable drive. Open the drive and you should be able to access and edit any file that is saved in the device. You can drag, drop, copy and move files at your leisure.

Recording Tips

When recording, make sure you are close enough to your audio source. Although the mics are sensitive, they are not extremely high-quality. If the source is far away, the sound may be muffled and unintelligible. Avoid bumping or moving the RCA recorder as this will cause annoying bumps and thumps on the recorded audio.