How to Raise the GHz Speed on a Laptop

By Marie Anne Haughey

Raise the GHz Speed on a Laptop
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If you're interested in raising the GHz speed on your laptop, you probably have to overclock your processor, unless you want to buy a new processor for your laptop--and new processors can be a bit pricey. If you have the right programs installed on your laptop, you can raise the GHz speed of your processor. It's not recommended to increase the speed by more than 20 percent, otherwise you drastically increase the chance of your laptop crashing or overheating, which will damage your hard drive.

Download and start Prime95 (see Resources).

Select "Options."

Select "Torture Test."

Select "In-place large FFTs." The Prime95 icon on the lower right-hand side of your task bar should be red. If the icon is yellow, it means that your laptop is extremely unstable.

Start ClockGen (see Resources).

Select "Get Values."

Move the slider on the first bar, labeled FSB, by clicking on the bar itself, to the right of the slider. One click will move the slider one increment. Move the slider in increments of five.

Select "Set Values" every five increments.

Move the slider back three to five increments when the Prime95 icon turns yellow, and select "Set Values."

Close all programs, and restart your laptop.