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So you want to find the actual URL of your favorite streaming Internet radio show, but the stream is embedded with JavaScript, Active X or Flash. You'll need to download some extra software to help you get the direct-stream address. Programs known as URL "snoopers" or "sniffers" can tell you the exact URL location, and they're free to download. See the Resources section for links to popular programs like Replay Media Capture, URL Helper, Project URL Snooper and Video Downloader.

Step 1

Download URL-sniffer software such as URL Helper. The basic functions of all URL sniffing programs are essentially alike.

Step 2

Go to the website where the streaming audio you want is playing. Play the radio station stream in a Web browser as you normally would.

Step 3

Open the URL sniffer and click the "Start Sniffing" icon.

Step 4

Look in the results list of the URL sniffing software window; you should see the direct Web address of the radio station's stream listed there.

Right-click the URL address, then select "Copy." This places the URL on your clipboard. Paste the URL into the address bar of your Web browser and it will take you to the direct stream. Then click "Save Page As" during playback to save the stream to a folder on your computer.


  • Be sure to close all other windows while the URL sniffer is working. The software sniffs for URLs in all open windows, and the results list could quickly get too long. The only browser window you should have open while sniffing is the radio station stream.


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