Radio Installation Instructions for a Chevy Impala

By Mark Slingo

Car radios can be replaced with higher quality units for better sound.
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A popular car modification is the stereo system. Replacing the stereo enables the car owner to add an aftermarket stereo with a number of features such as MP3 players, Bluetooth connectivity, navigation aids and DVD software. Aftermarket stereos with these features provide much greater entertainment options over the basic factory issue radio which are normally equipped only with a CD player and AM/FM radio. Chevrolet Impala owners wishing to install an aftermarket radio must first remove sections of the dashboard and make some wire adaptions for the radio to function.

Locate and remove the six seven-millimeter bolt screws on the lower dash panel under the steering wheel. Unsnap the fuse-box panel cover on the extreme left of the dash. Remove the seven-millimeter bolt screw hidden behind the panel cover. Remove the two bolt screws holding the plastic panel surrounding the instrument display. Pull the top of this plastic panel away until the panel unsnaps from its connection to the dashboard. Open the glove box. Pull the top right hand corner of the lower dash panel away from the dashboard. Continue to pull this away working your way to the left until the lower dash panel drops to the floor.

Remove the two seven-millimeter bolt screws on either side of the radio. Pull the radio out of the dashboard. Unplug the black radio antenna cable. Unclip the wire harness by pushing the tab on the side and pulling the connections apart. Place the old radio to one side.

Install the face plate adapter. Most aftermarket stereos are too long for the housing on GM cars. The face plate allows for this change in length and makes it more aesthetically pleasing. Screw the face plate onto the slots vacated by the old radio.

Connect the wiring. Attach the wire-harness adapter to the wire harness on the rear of the aftermarket stereo. Push the connections together until they click into place. Attach the other end of the wire-harness adapter to the wire harness of the car. Attach the radio-antenna adapter to the black radio antenna cable. Connect the adapted cable to the radio antenna port on the rear of the aftermarket stereo.

Slide the radio into the housing sleeve. Push it in as far as it will go, taking care not to trap any wires. Secure the radio in the slot with the provided screws. Reattach the lower dashboard panel, putting back any bolts that you removed in Step 1. Turn on the stereo to test the installation.