What Is a QuickPlay SlingPlayer?

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QuickPlay SlingPlayer is a pre-installed program on HP notebooks. SlingPlayer is an application by Sling Media, Inc. that allows a user to connect with her Internet TV Slingbox to watch TV on her notebook. SlingPlayer is also available on desktop computers and smart phones.


The Slingbox sends a live TV stream from a set-top box or DVR to a PC over the Internet. In addition to live or recorded TV programs, SlingPlayer users can program a DVR connected to the Slingbox. Programs can also can be watched on FaceBook with an embedded SlingPlayer on a FaceBook page.


SlingPlayer has an on-screen remote control that is used to fast-forward, rewind and pause a show. Unlike cable television, SlingPlayer broadcasts live stream TV in 1080i HD, which is a higher definition than most cable television providers can reliably send, as the bandwidth is higher than the cable TV standard broadcast bandwidth of 780p .


QuickPlay by Hewlett-Packard allows a user to play videos and multimedia files on a computer without having to boot the computer to the main operating system. HP QuickPlay is used in Hewlett-Packard Pavilion Entertainment laptops to watch DVDs and play music. Some HP notebooks have QuickPlay buttons installed on the keyboard to launch QuickPlay when they are pressed.

QuickPlay SlingPlayer

HP QuickPlay when combined with SlingPlayer, allows a user to watch TV on a Windows laptop, Macintosh, Windows mobile-based PDAs and smartphones. The redirection of the television feed to your mobile device or [notebook](https://society6.com/notebooks?utm_source=SFGHG&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=2389) is called "placeshifting" by Sling Media.


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