How to Quickly Enlarge Text and Images Using Internet Explorer

by David Koenig

Internet Explorer has a default "100%" zoom view showing you a page in your browser. If you want to see website elements such as images and text more clearly, you can magnify the page. Access magnification from the IE status bar, or use the built-in keyboard shortcuts for zooming.


Open Internet Explorer. Press Ctrl and "+" at the same time to zoom in. This enlarges all text and images on the page.


Repeat the step to make text and images larger, or press Ctrl and "-" simultaneously to zoom out.


Click the "Zoom" icon in the status bar at the bottom of the browser, or click the arrow next to it and select a zoom setting. If you can't see the status bar in IE9, press Alt on your keyboard, then click "View." Select "Toolbars," then click "Status Bar."


  • check Press Ctrl and 0 simultaneously to reset the zoom to 100 percent.

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